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Voices Of freedom

Freedom Williams


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I'm back with a new track
This ain't fiction it's fact
I made the rules that will make you wanna groove
That'll make you wanna prove my moves are all that
Dance till you feel like I feel now
Grab your girl and just move that's how
Now is the time, now is the year
And this is the world premiere!

Freedom, freedom, free!
Freedom, freedom, free!

It's time for a release, a piece of this here
Style is what I'm giving to say the least
I'm the beast from the east
And all your small talk cease
Just dance to my expertise
I did it before and I'm a do it once more
Or I'll die on the dance floor
So when you wave your hands you beter come for the kill
Cause when I dance I'm ill
No rules allowed no holds are barred
Just dance till you wet your pants and that's hard
Like Bobby Brown I'm on my own
And I'm b-b-b-b-bad to the bone

Freedom, freedom, free!
Freedom, freedom, free!

Break it down for me brother!

1, 2, one more is three
Here we go you wanna flow, join with me
Wave your hands in the air
From side to side and chill, yeah that's ill
My rhyme vernacular, spectacular
Manufacturer smooth as Dracula
I'm on a mission full of ambition
In competition condition, call me a dancetition
Stomp till you shake your rump, ya little chump
Move a little bit or I'm gonna bump
There's no shame to claim the fame that I became
So everybody scream that name

Freedom, freedom, free
Freedom, freedom, free
Freedom, freedom, free
I hear the voice of

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