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But I Had To

Laissez Faire


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But I had to
I’m tryna put the fam in a castle
If I wasn’t getting it I would be mad too
Dawg, I'm here to stay like a tatoo
You thinkin' you seein' me,
I’m lookin' past you

Y'all still gettin' stained, that’s so sad dude
Niggas scared to take a charge, but they claim they thugs right
These blood suckers could never digest my blood type
Talk about that action,
I can’t wait to see
That shit ain't phasin' me, that shit is make believe
I'm in the place to be, but they erase the fees
The one these hoes
garden but never place a seed
I always do it big like I know nothing 'bout little
I can’t talk to you bitches I ain't doctor Do Little

A'int here to blow your mind, or confuse you with a riddle
They think I’m fuckin' Tommy mama cause Im always in a pickle
What’s the deal hoe, know that I’m tryna get the deal doe
Like a lonely bitch, it been like that since the heel toe
But check it, dawg ya boy music is for real
If you ain't heard then do like aunt Viv and get a feel
They fear me kinda like when cops circle town

Like crop circles, never know when I’ll come around
I’m never out of bounds, I’m usually out of reach
Back home they so shady to get a tan I had to leave

Check me out tho
Believe in me dawg, what’s the doubt foe
Get some bread, keep me out ya mouth hoe
Money comin in if you ever see me out bro
Dawg I’m feelin good, I’m on 10 today
Tryna see what's in her genes no DNA

Ain't your average dude, you mess with them fuck niggas
You ain't gotta lie, I know that you fuck niggas
Gotta lot of stress that brings pain to my temple
Life got me speechless like a fuckin' instrumental
If you talkin bout the best, dawg you gotta mention me
Only artist in this league like Meta Worldpeace
Step into my mind, dawg it might scare em

The flow is too hot somebody please turn the air on
Stop hittin licks, but they use to be like errands
Woulda never made it too county if I was white and named Aaron

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