Game Of Thrones (Juego de Tronos)


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DAVOS is staring at JON SNOW. JON SNOW slowly sits up on the table, breathing heavily. He turns his head to look at DAVOS. GHOST is standing in front of JON SNOW, also staring at him. JON SNOW looks down at his body and sees his stab wounds. He begins gasping and shaking. DAVOS takes off his cloak and rushes over to JON SNOW. JON SNOW attempts to stand but falters. DAVOS catches JON SNOW and wraps him in his cloak.

DAVOS: Easy, easy. Easy.

DAVOS ushers JON SNOW back into a sitting position. MELISANDRE enters and stares at JON SNOW.

DAVOS: What do you remember?

JON SNOW: They stabbed me. Olly...he put a knife in my heart. I shouldn't be here.

DAVOS: The lady brought you back.

MELISANDRE approaches JON SNOW and kneels in front of him.

MELISANDRE: Afterwards, after they stabbed you, after you died, where did you go? What did you see?

JON SNOW: Nothing. There was nothing at all.

MELISANDRE: The Lord let you come back for a reason. Stannis was not the prince who was promised, but someone has to be.

DAVOS (to MELISANDRE): Could you give us a moment?

MELISANDRE rises and exits the room. DAVOS closes the door behind her, grabs a stool, and sits down in front of JON SNOW.

DAVOS: You were dead. And now you're not. That's completely fucking mad, seems to me. I can only imagine how it seems to you.

JON SNOW: I did what I thought was right. And I got murdered for it. And now I'm back. Why?

DAVOS: I don't know. Maybe we'll never know. What does it matter? You go on. You fight for as long as you can. You clean up as much of the shit as you can.

JON SNOW: I don't know how to do that. I thought I did, but...I failed.

DAVOS: Good. Now go fail again.


DOLOROUS EDD, TORMUND, the faithful Night's Watch members, and the Wildlings are all gathered in the courtyard, staring up at the entrance to the room JON SNOW was in. JON SNOW emerges on the balcony, supported by DAVOS. He stares out at the crowd, then walks down the steps with the help of DAVOS and begins walking through the crowd. The men on either side part to let him pass. TORMUND walks up the middle to confront JON SNOW.

TORMUND: They think you're some kind of god. The man who returned from the dead.

JON SNOW: I'm not a god.

TORMUND: I know that.

TORMUND moves closer to JON SNOW and whispers in his ear.

TORMUND: I saw your pecker. What kind of god would have a pecker that small?

JON SNOW and TORMUND both chuckle and embrace. JON SNOW winces, then spies DOLOROUS EDD and begins walking towards him. They embrace, and JON SNOW winces again.

DOLOROUS EDD: Your eyes are still brown. Is that still you in there?

JON SNOW: I think so. Hold off on burning my body for now.


DOLOROUS EDD: That's funny. You sure that's still you in there?

Both men laugh.

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