Game Of Thrones (Juego de Tronos)


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THREE-EYED RAVEN is tangled in the roots of the great weirwood. His eyes are pure white. BRAN is lying below the tangle, gripping a single root. His eyes are also pure white.


YOUNG NED and YOUNG BENJEN are sparring with wooden swords in the commons. BRAN and THREE-EYED RAVEN are standing on a balcony above the courtyard, watching. YOUNG NED knocks YOUNG BENJEN to the ground.

YOUNG RODRIK: Give him another go, Ned.

YOUNG NED helps YOUNG BENJEN to his feet.

BRAN (to THREE-EYED RAVEN): That's my father. And my Uncle Benjen.

YOUNG NED (to YOUNG BENJEN): Keep your shield up or I'll ring your head like a bell.

YOUNG NED and YOUNG BENJEN begin sparring again. BRAN looks around the commons at the citizens of Winterfell going about their business.

BRAN: They were all so happy.

THREE-EYED RAVEN: So were you once.

YOUNG LYANNA rides into the courtyard on a horse. She circles around YOUNG NED and YOUNG BENJEN.

YOUNG NED: Stop showing off.


BRAN: My Aunt Lyanna. I've seen her statue in the crypt. My father never talked about her.

Closeup on THREE-EYED RAVEN. He turns to look at BRAN, but BRAN has already walked away. BRAN walks closer to the group. YOUNG LYANNA is being helped off her horse by YOUNG HODOR.

YOUNG BENJEN: Would you get out of here? We're sparring.

YOUNG LYANNA: Who are you gonna spar with when Ned goes off to the Eyrie?

YOUNG BENJEN: I don't know.

YOUNG LYANNA turns and looks at YOUNG HODOR.

YOUNG LYANNA: What about him?

YOUNG NED: Wylis, come here.

BRAN turns to look at YOUNG HODOR. THREE-EYED RAVEN reaches BRAN's side.

BRAN: Hodor?

YOUNG LYANNA walks over to YOUNG HODOR with a wooden sword and shield.

YOUNG BENJEN: But he's got giant's blood.

YOUNG NED: And you've got training. Sounds like a fair match to me.

YOUNG LYANNA: Benjen always lifts his chin when he's about to charge.

YOUNG HODOR takes the sword and shield.

YOUNG HODOR: And lowers it when he's going to dodge, my lady.

BRAN: Hodor talks?

YOUNG HODOR walks over to YOUNG BENJEN. They both ready to commence sparring, but stop when NAN appears.

NAN: You leave the fighting to the little lords, Wylis. Come along, now. It's no place for you.

NAN takes YOUNG HODOR by the ear and leads him away.

YOUNG NED: Oh, Nan, look at the size of him. If he ever learned to fight, he'd be unstoppable.

NAN: Well, he's never going to learn to fight because he's a stable boy. So leave him be.

THREE-EYED RAVEN (to BRAN): It is time to go.

BRAN: Please, a little longer.

THREE-EYED RAVEN touches BRAN on the shoulder.


BRAN is released from the vision. He gasps, then lets go of the root. The white fades from his eyes. A CHILD OF THE FOREST is sitting nearby, staring at him. He props himself up on his wrists and looks at THREE-EYED RAVEN.

BRAN: You finally show me something I care about and then you drag me away.

THREE-EYED RAVEN: It is beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay too long, you'll drown.

BRAN: I wasn't drowning. I was home.

CHILD OF THE FOREST and THREE-EYED RAVEN exchange a glance. BRAN turns to HODOR, who is sitting with his back against a wall.

BRAN: Wylis.

HODOR: Hodor.

BRAN: I saw you as a boy. You could talk. What happened?

HODOR: Hodor.

BRAN: Where's Meera?

HODOR: Hodor.

HODOR carries BRAN outside and sets him down in the snow. MEERA is sitting in the snow at the base of the great weirwood, staring out at the tundra.

BRAN: You shouldn't be here. It's not safe outside the cave.

MEERA: It's not safe anywhere.

BRAN: I saw that Hodor wasn't always Hodor.

HODOR: Hodor.

BRAN: His real name is Wylis. And he could talk and fight and -- and then --

MEERA turns and looks at BRAN.

BRAN: What's wrong?

MEERA casts her eyes down and looks away.

BRAN: The Three-Eyed Raven says there's a war coming.

MEERA: And we're going to fight it in there.

MEERA scoffs and turns away. HODOR picks BRAN up and carries him back inside. A side view of MEERA reveals the same CHILD OF THE FOREST who was watching BRAN, sitting among some stones and frozen shrubbery..

CHILD OF THE FOREST: Brandon Stark needs you.

MEERA: For what? I sit in there and I watch him have his visions and nothing ever happens.

CHILD OF THE FOREST: He isn't going to stay there forever. And out there he needs you.

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