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One day
Going my way
I found a secret passage through the trees,
It led me to the place
Where lonely hearts fulfill all their dreams.

Hidden place with eternal spring,
Gentle birdsongs will make you swing,
Play of colours is transferring
Blue skies above.
Nothing more is forbidden there,
Hugs and kisses are everywhere,
There you can find the one, who cares,
Garden of love.

Oh dear, stay with me here,
Observing all that blossoming around!
Do you mind
To stay overnight,
So nightingales will make their tuneful sounds?

And the heavenly dome is clear,
Next day we can be far from here,
So let’s put off all doubts and fears
And be like doves:
You are with me, I am with you,
No one can tell us what to do,
Let’s relax and enjoy the view
In garden of love.