Canción 'Billion Dollar Baby Freestyle' interpretada por Stunna 4 Vegas

Billion Dollar Baby Freestyle Letra y Canción

Stunna 4 Vegas

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BILLION DOLLAR BABY FREESTYLE es una canción de Stunna 4 Vegas que se estrenó el .


'Billion Dollar Baby Freestyle'

Four times
4 way get this shit the glow way

She see I signed with DaBaby, I'm major (freak)
She pop a E with no chaser (thot thot)
I spit crack, come get you a tasting ([?])
I don't f*** no hoe, lil bitch I'm a player (HA)
The feds say I'm on their Radar (huh)
Them young niggas go everywhere with ARs (gang)
I'm fuc*** this whore like a pornstar (oouu)
I went deep in the whip, with fo' rocks (yeah)

I think this lil ni*** too hot for me (hot)
Ain't no searching, bitch I got the Glock with me (that five)
Ain't got nothing but pink and blue hunnids (blue)
Bitch it look like I'm playing monopoly (ha-ah)
Okay watch how I switch up, I pulled up, cashed out at the lot, then pulled up, picked your bitch up (va-vroom)
Now when I'm at the mall, all the people they follow me round trying to ask for a picture (AHH, OH MY GOD)
I light his ass up like a swisher (yeah)
When your bitch hit my phone, I dont pick up

I'm sick, I dont think nobody sicker
Put that rod on his ass, make him dance like a stripper (BITCH)
She do a dance on the dick, should I tip her? (Nope)
She gave me throat, than bro flip her (UH)
Up 5, he dab, like Skipper (Ha)
They know lil Stunna in Charlotte like Kimba [?] (Yeah)
Walker, Stalker
I gave her dick, that she gon remember (uh-uh)
About when I'm out, she want me to hit it (Ha)
How she went up to my shows, I won't load a ticket

I don't argue with niggas below my mention (let's go)
Bitch I just made a flick and your hoe was in it (ha-ha)
Niggas say they want smoke, then they hide like a hoe, they dont ever pop up at my shows and get it (nope)
Tell a bitch I want food make her go get it (get)
And I don't gotta lie, niggas know I'm with it (Ha)
You ain't never met me, cause you dont spend no money, you could of came, got you a lower ticket (yea yeah x3)
I just counted a hunnid thousand in some forces, some joggers, a shirt and a Hornets fitted (Yea)
And if that ni*** charging too much, then I'm running off, blocking his number, he know I did it (vrrrrrrm)
I put perms in my mouth like a Florida ni*** (Ha)
We gon slide like big worm, ni*** try me (yea, slide)
I see you, have you hooked up to I.Vs (yea bitch)
I'm rocking VVs diamonds from Johnny (Ha, Gang)
Plus I got these niggas sick, cause I could put dick, all up in his baby mommy (damn, wa-am)
I know he don't like it, he stressed (bitch)
Met your bitch, she iight, she just sext (uh-huh)
Damn look at that ni*** ice, he crack a smile and he turn on the lights, he be flexin (bling, bling, flex)

Bitch play with my phone, she messy (thot thot)
Dont kiss on my neck, lil bitch give me Becky (uh-uh)
I might give her sex cause she sexy (HA)
No I won't, lil bitch I was flexing (Ha)
Real rap, no cap, we catch a opp he get left like a veggie (get him out of here)
This smoke, we applying that pressure
I won't drop no diss, they gon spin in your section (no cap)
These niggas broke and stressing (Uh)
I got my foot on they neck in Giuseppe's (uhh)
I went and spend racks on balenci's (racks)
These niggas gay and friendly (HA)
It's big 4 times, they calling the line, they wanna get with me (Nope)
I ain't signing no deal, I need millions (gang)
Keep it hot, on the opp, get his ass out the kitchen (Ah)
Get straight to the point, I hope he get it
I won't go back and forth, I'mma smoke a ni***
(Get him out of here)
Drop him like a song, then they post a ni***, like they did that boy Roy, They won't know who did it (TRAP)
25/8, we open ni*** (TRAP)
I got my foot in the door, it's over ni*** (four times)