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This big four times
I'll have Fat Dave come smack a nigga on GP
Turn it up, Trap
It's four times, ha, it's four times
Four times
I got twenty on my feet

These niggas don't rap what they livin' (Facts)
But it sound good, I admit it (Cap)
Niggas can't even come out in they city (Ha-ha)
But still they want smoke, no, nigga, quit it
Better watch what you say when you spittin'
Or speakin' on Stunna, bout him and get wicked (Come here)
I ain't finna give no little rapper attention
These niggas can't do it like me, I'm the illest (Get 'em outta here)
That lil' nigga go bay, guerilla, uh
It's big four times, I'm the top dog (Four times)
You ain't never knock no opp off (Fuck)
We ain't even got y'all on, dog (We cap)
These niggas on dick, hop off
Hot, they mad 'cause I overlapped y'all (Go)
I ain't even try outrap y'all (Yeah)
Y'all niggas can't even rap, dog (Uh)
Bitch, I'm the shit, I know you know this (Ooh)
She ride the dick, roller coaster (Thot-thot)
That lil' nigga dope, I'm overdosin' (Dope)
On Dracos and Glocks, he want smoke, we blow it
These niggas don't be at my shows (Uh)
They be on the net on the post (Bitch)
Slime doin' bad, gross (Slime)
He been hit with that five star callin' for holy ghost (Ha-ha)
Turn me up, Trap
Make sure they hear me in the back (Ha)
Nigga touch me, I'm droppin' some racks on his head
My lil' nigga bringin' it back (Bitch)
I ain't internet cappin' with rappers that's put up
But swear that they livin' like that (Ha)
Whole time they wanna be me (Fuck)
I'ma big dog, you niggas pee-wees (Uhh)
I ride with that G-G (Ah)
I ain't wifin' that thot, she a fifi (Uh)
I'm a man whore like Stevie (Yeah)
J and that K stay with me, please believe me
Niggas ain't know shit when they see me (Uh)
Nigga probably won't give me a CD (Ha-ha)
Stunna go dumb, re-retarded
With that Glock I'll leave a nigga six feet (Haa)
All I have bruh and them, go beat a nigga tipsy (Pussy)
Smack the shit out a nigga like Nipsey
I'll scrap when I come to your city
Dealer bitch just like, 'Pick me
Stunna, I wanna go home with you and go free-free'
That little bitch a thot, E-E
She goin' hard, she pops hella E, E (Ooh)
Uh, uhh
Bitch, this is the intro (Four times)
Nigga touch son and he get smoked
Slide down your block, my boys hang out the window
My lil' niggas creep, tip-toe
I'm goin' up so I keep a stick close
We got more gas than a Citgo
More shots than the army, we blowin' big smoke (What)

Four times
What the fuck goin' on, nigga?
Been waitin' this shit, nigga

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