Canción 'Punch Me In Pt. 4' interpretada por Stunna 4 Vegas

Punch Me In Pt. 4 Letra y Canción

Stunna 4 Vegas

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PUNCH ME IN PT. 4 es una canción de Stunna 4 Vegas que se estrenó el .


'Punch Me In Pt. 4'

I got 20 on my beat, bitch (Lil' bitch)
Uh, f*** a ni***, f*** a niga (I got 20 on my beat, huh?)
Fuck a ni*** (4X, 4X, gang)
Uh, uh, uh (4 Way, you get this shit the Glo way), uh

Fuck a ni*** and his clique too (Fuck a ni*** and his clique)
We beat a ni*** drunk or draw down, that's how my clique move, uh, uh (Huh? Come here)
I got millions on my mental (Cash)
I just signed a deal, I'll still slide in a rental (Uh, uh, uh, bow)
Uh, diss who? (Huh?)
Nigga diss me, we gon' make your family miss you (Poof)
Thought I was a referee, Lil Stunna too official
Lil' thot can suck and f*** but no, I won't kiss you (Thot, thot)
Uh, I won't miss you (Uh, uh, uh, uh)
Yeah, I won't leave the house without my pistol (I won't)
Go back and forth with the rappin'
My lil' niggas gon' get you, uh (Get him outta here)
Try and flip you, they blitz you
I bet you wish you wouldn't got into this shit (Come here, huh?)
When they at your door like the rent due, yeah (Bow-bow-bow)
I can't spoil a bitch food (Uh)
I get it back and cash out at the mall
Spent three racks on a fit, ooh (Yuh)
Fuck it, I might buy a glick too (Uh, uh)
I ain't nothin' like these friendly-ass rappers
I'm not with you, I'm against you (Fuck)
Overlap 'em, I'm fin' to (Yeah)
My punchlines hit like the stick move (Yeah)
She wanna f***, she get hit with the spin move (Huh?)
Bitch, give me your mouth, your dental (Thot, thot)
She suck the dick 'til I'm finished (Yeah)
Uh, she suckin' me in minutes (Uh)
I cannot hate 'cause I get cake
He want a verse, I need 10K (Ha)
Cash, I ran through plenty
Rich youngin, I come turn up in your city for a twenty
Ooh, I got on my beat, 20, Glock 23 hold 22
Don't tell me what you finna do (Fuck)
Go with your move, we do a ni*** pitiful (Yeah)
I ain't tryna talk with my revenue
Fuck ni*** can't come to my avenue (Gang)
I'm on a roll, I'm travelin'
Two gigs one night, that's a bag or two
That get spent on designer shoes, uh (Uh)
And designer shit, rockstar my feet
Balenciaga kicks (Uh)
A in for my bros what I'm tryna get (Huh?)
Then a ni*** got rich, y'all punched me in
Hang with the opps, you one of them
Play with this shit and we up on them
Four times, they know not to f*** with them (Four times)
Uh, they like, 'Stunna, where the f*** your mixtape?'
Hol' up, ni*** (Get off my dick)
I'm finna f*** yo' bitch face (Yo' bitch, nigga)
I'ma drop that shit when I want to, bitch, wait (Huh, huh?)
He a whole dub, eat him up, he a fish plate (Come here)
Pops shoulda used a rubber, ni***, you a mistake (Pussy)
Punch me in, call me Mister One Take (Punch me in)
She get off work, eat that dick off a lunch break (Thot)
I don't give a f*** what they gon' say, ni***
Play it, get sent up like blessings on a Sunday, huh?