The Strokes

The Adults Are Coming

The Strokes


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Then I said
You’re sophisticated
Men complaining, overeducated
They are bleeding
On their own excuses
Leads to [...]
Now they’re in [...]

Now I’m sitting
By the elevator
We can’t help it
If we are a problem
We all sit on [...] faces
Climbing up your wall
Climbing up their wall

Don’t hold back cause you never look down
And now you think of me when you think of him
Now when you don’t think that [...]
Because you said it now as I said it’s a joke

And then you think that you’re wrong and you said I was right
And then you won’t look down and [...]
And then I won’t look down because you want me to
And then you want me to do it the same as you

When I’m tainted
By the doom I’m baiting
Like Earth’s quiet
Quiet strengths you made up
As they’re rising
On the streets you’re playing
Doing it for me
Doing it for me

Don’t hold back because you never look down
And then you think of me if you think of her
Now when you think you’re smart when you run from thoughts
And then you won’t ever see if it falls apart

And then we’re falling out cause you’re never alone
And then you think of me when you’re so far gone
And you want me to do it just like you
You want me to do it the same as you

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