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Are You Someone?



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Are you lonely?
Are you living on the seat of your pants?
Are you happy?
Wipe that smile off your face
Are you someone?
Lose my pinball eyes
Are you lonely?
Are you broken all in a vice?

Try what you shouldn't say
And I'll help you

Here's the detective
He's in charge of your case
Here's the detective
And he's hoping to waste my name

And he's trying what is in his arm, but I don't mind
He's trying what is in his arm, but I don't mind

The strength for living, losing
No one inside of my head

Are you crazy?
Are you blessed in bed in his arm?
Is there mumbling?
Will you cry us a play in it?
Are you happy?
Your crossed legs

Try what you want from me, I'll spit it back
Soft as a denim hand, spit it back

Then this world
[stinmehbwoud] and it hurts
Leaving it on a nose

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