Flying Lotus

Another Night On The Rooftop

Flying Lotus ft. Kota the Friend


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Kota: Chicago's own rapper
You know you love to hear it
Fuck rapping about bitches
Need to rap about knowledge pictures
Fuck Young Thug
I should be your select
My girl is a virgin
From Chicago oh yes
You got the brains of a dummy
Why you think you make that ass clap
You niggas get shot at
But you scream Team No Lack
You niggas say you get money
But have ten 20s in your bands
You should thank me my nigga
I educated your fans
Englewood is what I'm reppin'
Chicago I gotta love it
From the 100s to downtown
It always stay bumpin'
Saturday with the crew
Yeah you know how we do
It took me a while to find someone else new
West side I heard you got the best loud
So hook a nigga up with a bag of that sound
The name is K.O.T.A
You can't do nothing but live file
The haters are on hush mode
You can only say WOW!

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