Post Requisite freestyle

Post Requisite freestyle

Flying Lotus ft. BAP (Indonesia


Post Requisite freestyle Letra

Matter Mos;

Crunching this quality music, something you might have do good or you prolly abuse it, Who do it like i?
I'm anti-anti, black tie optional
Pro life but i never hold down abortion
This motion that i'm proposing came mostly from my emotion
I burn down tracks when i light my fire
My desire, open up doors, made you inspired
We mix and multiply us
The pious making hope, the possy looking at pipelines when they dream
I look into your eyesight , got what you need to get your mind right
I looked into my heart and found a devil in disguise, trying to tell me what to think, telling me what should i rhyme
But low key, i'm high
My loose leaf, so thick
My nosebleed, came down when i look deep
I sleep when i'm lucid
So i gotta move brick
My kind like the music
The scene we baptize
The town got a new king
See who they worship
The ship sailed, ring the alarm your shit stank
I curse but i talk nice, hot but i'm cold ice


I'm the son of rage and love
Feel the henny wave surfing in the gut
Yeah im in the cut
No love in my heart
My fairlady done crash
Lashin' with the stir
Fly out with the doves
Though the end is near
I ain't gonna talk about that shit with my pears
Snearin' on my back
Andre Three K say keep your heart three stacks
That's one number lackin of the smokes that im packin
I'm prepared
To make amends to my self
I see god in the puddle
Then i covered it with rubble
Take care
I ain't down with these clowns
'Till i get my fucking nugget
Then it's another round
Of these bottles by the bucket and fuck it
If i really make it out this shit alive
Imma rise or i'll plummet back down
With my crown on my stomach
Cus the hunger never ends
Hate and ego working well hand in hand
See i ain't never learn to swim through the rust
I ain't really gonna fucking stop 'till im ashes to ashes, dust is to dust

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