Disco 'Public Domain 6: Walking The Plank' (2009) al que pertenece la canción 'Everything'


Max B


Everything Letra

I gave you everything
(I said I gave you everything)
Somehow it just wasn't enough
(It just wasn't enough)
Why don't you trust me
(Why don't you trust me)
Light the sour up and give me a Puff

Verse 1:
Hey baby, somehow you seem addicted to my style in jail
I always was the first to trial
Always was a versatile, talented, handsome individual
Comin' up, so look at me, it's pitiful
Pity me, never that, nigga keep ya head for a later day
Just bow ya head and say a prayer
Speak to Jesus please till he answer, I never been a dancer
Fucked chicks, Geminis, Cancers, got the answer
Got the recipe, they tryna take the little what was left of me
Folded my destiny, hysterectomy

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