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We Sip Grand Cru

Max B ft. French Montana


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(We gon' just throw it out just to fuck with his single)
Coke Wave version

We sip Grand Cru
We sip Grand Cru
We sip Grand Cru
Owww (Oww baby)

I got these Byrdgang bitches, they can't stand me
Jimmy mad that Chrissy touched it, in Miami
All my flows top of the line, I need a Grammy
After my shows, all the hoes show me the panties
Keep a semi auto, it be comin' a handy

(Hold on, hold on. Let me switch, get on Biggavel shit)

Head switch, niggas try to When I was dosin' off, fallin' asleep
See this nigga, he crawlin' on his knees
We ordered the V's(?), and boycotted Ballin' over Now he be tryna get a loop
But don't nobody listen to his shit
Bigga, he got a bigga dick
Yes, sir! Ridin' like an expert
Can't nobody fuck with us
Funny [?] love with him, homo
Shitted on yo promo (Oh no)
Nigga, here come the popo
Get it slow mo, let's push it 70
Lemme fill every inch
Baby move very tense
Bigga, all we need is a fifth of Cru
Get us in the mood
He comin', better tell his niggas to move

Pop champagne like Obama won the campaign
Do the damn thang
Lil mama, do your lip gloss thing
Deep throat, till you start choke-ing
You sneak niggas get put in the coff-in
Me and Max like Deniro and Rothstein
Flow like water, Poland Spring
Watch them Coke Wave niggas do the damn thing

(Hold up, hold up, Pac. Let me switch to my Macanori wit da Cheese. Let's rock)

French Montana and Biggaveli
Got a black ski mask and black skelly(?)
I get 'em buried, in the cemetery
Just make sure there's money in my commissary
Them Coke Wave niggas, they run the city
And stop askin' me about that nigga Jimmy
I see them fuck niggas lookin' really scary
Runnin' around town tryna blackball me

How you gon' try to blackball me? Fuck nigga
Think I don't know about you
Puttin' them calls to Joey [?], Asylum, and all them niggas?
Tellin' them niggas, don't give us no money
How them niggas ain't give us no money, and you sellin 16,000?
I sell that 3 days when I drop, nigga
Max sell that when he drop first week, nigga
How the fuck you tryna blackball us?
Can't blackball us, go check that new Dom D
We top sellin', nigga, I'm the top seller in the motherfuckin' country, nigga
And i got my London boys, they'll tell ya
I'll sell 16,000 over there
And this beat was wack, we still bodied it
Fuck yaw niggas talkin' bout, man
We run this city
You ain't gon' give us them checks, we gon' take it
Fuckass niggas (Owww)

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