Max B

I aint ready to go

Max B


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A quarter mill, money ain't a thing
Got that wavey for you niggas man
Pay me all my figgas fam
Bitches see me coming they be scheming on the dick
Trying to fix me but I kknow the shit, trick me ima blow the fifth
Pick me up lets smoke some piff
Cop my shit from dour
Had to settle for some dolo cuz he ran out of the sour
All this money baby coming fast, want a pass
Baby you dont smoke? what you need it for?
Won't you let me beat it ho?
Won't you let me keep the dough?
I believe in co-caine, best a get me more
Them shits went up to 34
Dirty slore
Babes she ain't the same
Used to clean up now she using it
I dont want nothing to do with it
Shooted it
Hit them niggas from deep, make them see the steal
Love my job, fiending for the love of god
Fiending for the... the love of oz
Bigga love the children, I just bow and say a pray
Thank the lord for another day

I ain't ready to gooo
I ain't even got to take my bag
Im a miss my money, bitches, and my beamer that was white like the snow
I ain't even have to bring no cash
All my niggas getting money girl you know who we are
Im just trynna get my money fast
Babygirl come get this dick mami you know im a star
But for now baby i want some ass

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