So Hard

So Hard

Max B ft. Jim Jones


So Hard Letra

Oh yeah you already know
Yeah, ya boy 2 million dollar bell baby
I'm back in the loof early the silver surfer, we here
You already know, we surf across the seas
We the space invaders, the blues brothers
Ya boy young biggavel, scoob-doob, nah mean
M.O.B part 2, stacks bundles rest in peace
We love you we miss you baby, we gon hold you down to the end

Niggas wish they were living like him, nigga no baby mama drama
My lil son only 9 months and he riding around with the lamas
He keep tucked in the stroller, right up under the huggies
You gotta love me, think you touch me? Shit could get funky
You play wit' my money, pray to God when shit get thuggy
Bullets leave you floating on top of water like rubber ducky
My china doll she like to sucky fucky
I treat her to chow, two hunnit a plate, how you like me? OW
Read my fortune from my cookie, it told me stay on my grind
Roads extorting all the bookies, money stay on my mind
Roads to tapping on the dash, the type to roll a 50
I light it pull it up and pass, buck 60 on the dash
Niggas put me out of my swag, got caught up in the trap house
A bunch of jealous niggas holding me back
I say I was out of my loop, niggas put me in the mist
Fuckas bustas got me twisted, ain't that a bitch?

I need seven fiddy with the chrome twenty two
I fucks with the bitches ‘cause thats just what I do
Used to conversations with the side bitch, Out of town visits
The way these niggas be snitching its so hard to drive around with the pistol (so hard)
You don't know what you do to me, you don't even got a plan
You don't know what you do to me, its so hard to drive around with the pistol

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