Disco 'Quarantine' (2009) al que pertenece la canción 'Quarantine'


Max B


Dame Grease (it's ya boy Biggavel')

Hollywood Ferg

Fuck wit' yo' boy, ow


Max B:

Won't you hit me for them bitches do, he pull up in sixes too

Watch me leave, they gon' be missin' you, in the kitchen mood

Gets to chefin' up, all my niggas done wet shit up (up)

Uh-oh, Gain Greene comin', they catchin' up, set ya up

When you think it's nuffin' niggas creep up from behind

Niggas sneakin' from behind, leave you leakin' from that 9

I'm gon' serve you with that quarantine (quarantine)

Pardon me, take your breath away like a robbery

Ow Ow

Verse 1

Max B:

Now I got youngins in the front, nah surrender for someone

Gotta, gotta get that dough, I can bet I hit that ho

Told her daddy that she love me, Bigga, she eat my dick

Leave ya red like a tomato, gonna spin you like tornado

Know that boy, he got that label, Bigga don't fuck with Gain Greene?

Hit you with that big shit, get your career ended

Nigga I feel offended

Best to watch your mouth when you speakin' to the chief

Leave you leakin' in the street

Catch you cheatin' that's your feet (feet) off of them, they go

Leave you all fileted and broke, they don't alternate that coke

I'mma hit them when they close they eyes, ship they dome all out the sky

Hide ya prize, every dime I count is mines

Ow Ow


(Verse 2)
I took the streets without no radio, Maxy, 'he's so wavy yo'

Ol' girl, she wanted that 80 of blow, had to get her right

She said 'Biggy, I feel freaky like Miss Piggy

Won't you hop up like a froggy', 'Bitch I'm 'bout to do you doggy'

There's no way you can be my shorty, see I don't love these hoes

I just touch 'em and I tease 'em, I'm big pimpin', never beat 'em

Never (never) get excited when a nigga meet 'em

Do 'em like my other bitches mane, he pull up in sixes mane

He pull up and hit ya mane, right when you on that block

Push 'em off, plus ya boss said you can't leave kuz you got 'em off that rock

Tell me when's it all gon' stop, as soon as that flatline scream bleep

No more Aston Mars, put you in a casket pa

Took you off that wagon car, couldn't roll with that wave

It's a shame, that these niggas doin' Broadway plays

Lookin' all shiny from that make-up, got that watch but not from Jacob

Got that cake, can't wait to go back to Jamaica

Ow Ow


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