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Max B


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Uh, yeah
It's ya boy Boss Don Biggavel
'Bout to bring ya that wave
So street, so wavy
Got these niggas bobbing and weaving
Oh man, 16000 the first week

What kinda motherfucker black-ball a nigga off YouTube
I can tell ya who, baby I got new shoes
Riding on the wave like gnarley, kill a nigga probably
I tell all the bitches my name Charly
Bobby, Whitney, niggas tried to hit me
Nigga my only fear is God should come and get me, quickly
'Fore these Bergen bitches try to put a nigga on a death list
My crew they getting restless
Fuck it, I ain't never going back (never)
They gon' have to find me like Sadaam, got Bigga tatooed on my arm
Got Al Pac, he's a rider, he ready to squeeze on my command
I'm 'bout to give him 100 grand, his brother was with me in the can (Peanut)
They call him Peanut
Pour me a swigga and roll the weed up, G's Up
Max, I remember that (yeah) you and Grease yall the shit
Together y'all the Men In Black. Will Smith-
Numbers I can do if these lip singing bitches stop hating on my movement
Beamer like a cruise ship
Whip it up nice, that's a cool flip, brought it back big
Bigga the quarterback kid

All my Gain Greene niggas getting paid
Mami I blow 100 away investing in real estate
I'm a ride (Oww)
Nigga you's a bitch, take a look at my eyes
Mami wonder why (why)
My 4-4 gon' make sure that Poodie won't grow
Baby I'm the don (don)
Got the chickens lookig' good
Take a look at my arm

Nigga did, only 16000
When we go to the mall, baby we ain't browsing
Baby we be, selling in front of housing, non-stop, pirate
Moving in 20 degree climates
I miss, driving in the sunset
Baby open your mouth, I'm tryna get your tongue wet. Dumb sex-
Three or four bitches in a day, it's enough dick for all of them
Gain Greene niggas steady balling
Bottles we be pouring
You got another nigga wave. Baby I'm making 10 a day
I was in the shade tryna cool off, cause a nigga really on fire
Jimmy, I'm 'bout to make him retire
Sour got me higher, on a different level
Got me 'bout to make a deal with the devil
I can see the, reflection off the bezel
It glitter off the BB
I tell these niggas to come and see me. Freely
Biggavel spit it, give you pain. They tryna ban lip sing
Ask about your nigga cause I get it in, we clocking them Benjamins
Whenever you look up your bitch is fucking with him again

Least night I had the skeeze
Felt so good it had to be
Me and my homies, we gettin' paid
Man oh man, we gotta it made
Lotta niggas wanna roll with the team
Lotta niggas wanna join Gain Greene
But if you go against Greene I will
I'm a let the semi-auto spill
Bigga chill, better sip on some Hennessy
Nigga 'fore you bleed, we ridin' on our enemies
Hit them niggas up, 'fore them pace that bullshit, bomb first
Niggas that keep they money in Converse, arms thirst
Tryna get a hit, ain't no tellin' what she do
Is she there for ya rock, then she stick it in the stem
Bigga getting it again, Blizz came, put me in the mood
Bought me a 5th of Grand Cru
Got you niggas sitting in the studio, dreaming of the Grammy's
Stressing and contemplating the plan B
Family always come first when there's prices, got spices
Biggaveli the nicest


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