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Starz is Back

Max B


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Gutta wave...
All star Biggavell...
Stacks... what's good baby?
Let's do what we do...
Jeah... O-M-O...???, drop...
Get at what I do...
Check it... Jeah...

My life is like a DVD, I took over the streets
Soon as I dropped that P-D-3
D-D-T niggas off the top rope, cop coke
20/10 a piece, nigga my prices vary
First it was the seventeen five, cherry green lime
Plenty dick, bitches they say I'm very fine
Hit them every time, never wine and dine
Never treat these bitches like the shit, like a faucet
Nigga I'm the boss pimp, Bigga got a closet
Figga I demolish any nigga tryin to ride, put em in the sky
Baby please, I could run through a quarter mill
Often bounce alone, my nigga Frenchie scored a deal
Watch it how he take it back to Africa clap at ya
Hit you with tha pump, you can call me Count Blackula
Seven-fifty Bmwer not the Acura, Bigga got the Cad-i
Niggas doin good and got you ash-y

We got them bitches in the V.I.P. mad drinks and all... all...
Baby said she tryna fuck, she's a slut, bitch take it off... off...
Jeah, nigga the bullet hits ya face and all... all...
And you can war but don't got what it takes to score, ore...

Yo yo, wave, we here...

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