Disco 'Flamagra' (2019) al que pertenece la canción 'Heroes'


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We are now joined together again
In the space that you've created
The world has changed
And so have you
You're different now
You're different now
The time of heroes has come again

What's become [?] for our universe
On behalf of my family
I wanna be Super-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Superman, Superman
Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Su-Superman, Superman
You mean that transformation you and your friends performed earlier?
Yeah, that's the one
[?] shake hands with hesitation

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