Disco 'Listen To Me' (2011) al que pertenece la canción 'Nightmares'


Joyner Lucas


Nightmares Letra

So what they uh...your dreams is suppose to mean something right? But this shit don't make no sense. I keep having the same dreams over and over again. It's crazy. She said...

'Nigga you just like your father
I knew I shouldn't have kept you
Son told me not to have you, little bastard I regret you
You so disrespectful
Your daddy wore a condom and it broke
You shouldn't even be born, you wasn't meant to'
'Oh bitch I can't believe you
You never was my mom, bitch you always did me wrong
We could never get along
So many times I tried and plenty times I cried
You were never by my side, shit you never did me right'
'Motherfucker damn right
Your daddy never loved me
Used to beat me and he left me for some hefter in the country
And you a spitting image of that piece of shit faggot
If you think I treat you bad, muhfucka just imagine
I used to write poetry, he took away my passion
If you don't believe me ask him'
'But that was way back when'
'I don't give a fuck I can see his face all in your face
For what he did to me you gon' pay for his mistakes'

[Hook] {x2}
Nightmares and I can't sleep
Pray the Lord and I hope that He can hear me
Bad dreams and I wonder what it means
Lord have mercy on me

'Nigga shut the fuck up
You got it fucked up, I never should've trusted you
Or fucked with you, you fucked up
I knew I should've one'd you
I knew I shouldn't have fucked you
Son told me not to trust you I knew you was nothing special'
'Bitch be happy I ain't leave you
You lucky I ain't left you, hefter don't be forgetful
I did everything I can do
But you so ungrateful and I'm so faithful
I done took care of your kids like they mine it amaze you
A nigga could be so good, working two jobs and
Bitch you got some nerve coming at me sideways
No wonder when you get a man you can never keep one
It's just that you don't know a good nigga when you see one'
'Fuck you
You don't know what I've been through with my baby dad
He beat my ass, nigga left me, wouldn't take me back
Sometimes I see his face all in your face
For what he put me through you gon' pay for his mistakes'


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