Back To The Bay - Letra

YG ft. Schoolboy Q

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[Part of interview for HotNewHipHop]

Goin' goin' back back to the bank
Rest in peace to my safe x2

-Put the gun away, ni***
-Can we have one night where there ain't no fightin'; nobody gets shot?
-Shut up, bitch!

I'mma fly ni*** ni*** I take your ho
I'll have to leave her if she did me like Coco
The devil talkin' to me, but I dont hear him
Act like I'm deaf like So-So
Fuck you, f*** him, f*** them
Fuck my ex and her cohorts
Hundred bottles in the club, for no reason
Niggas start trippin boom bow dope fiend
Fendi on my shoes, Fendi on my belt
I'm in the Fendi store I dont need help
All gold everything like Trinidad
I went to high school with you bitch you been a rat
I don't got money problems, I got trust issues
Two things I gotta stay is with the two pistols

Grimy ni*** way too groovy for the Grammys
Overseas collecting panties, poppin' Xanies
Young ni***, hundred grand for the gram, hot damn
Hit the curb with the Benz, swerve
Rollie do no ticky do the blingy
I spending hundreds, all the fifties
Word around the city I'm that nigg-y
But this month I made a milli
Another month, another milli, man that shit be gettin' silly
Man, bitch you looking silly
Why you broke, go get a check
And when you fly, who need a jet
She wanna move out to the west
She want them diamonds on her neck
And palm trees in the yard, wanna be's with a star
And get the keys to the car huh
And wanna lick on every scar huh
My money good, shit we buying off the bar right now, right now
Who got the weed right now, right now

Goin' goin' back back to the bank
Rest in peace to my safe x2

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