YG ft. Cashmere Cat


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You know we turnt up, nigga
So, how it start off?

Money plays and sunny days
Played dodgeball to whoever had funny days
(Then what happened next?)
Shit, I lost the homie
Called his momma, said a prayer, then I brought me a .40

'Cause it's hard out here and it's rough out here
When you get caught with it, you can get caught off-guard out here
I'm just tryna make a couple plays and score out here
But this a jungle, niggas merk you when they balled out here
(So what you do?)

Made sure I wasn't balled out here
Made a couple dollars, but I know there's more out here
And in the summertime (time), I ain't do the silly things
I was in the booth with a dream and a coupe
Look at me, 'bout four years later
Didn't I tell you I was gonna get that paper? (right)
You been a hater, your bitch been on my dick
And she rim on the hit, that's how it happen out here

Came up from the hard knocks
So all we do is ball out
Ayy, ayy, better ask about it
When I ball up, nigga, I know everybody
I got weed, liquor, hunnids, bitches
That's how it fuckin' look when you winnin', nigga
Ayy, better ask about it

[Beat Drop]

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