Keshia Had a Baby - Letra

YG ft. Rose Gold

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'Keshia Had a Baby' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco 4REAL 4REAL.


This song right here about a girl named Keshia
I know we all know a girl named Keshia
If you don't, listen to this

Young Keshia, so fly, so diva
So wise, so eager, so hot, high fever
Everybody in the hood wanna taste her, she was teasin'
Everybody thought they had a chance with it, she wasn't easy
She knew the Earth was made of dirt
Daddy wasn't around but she knew her worth
You ain't have to tell her cross her legs when she wore a skirt
Life goal's to be a lawyer or a nurse
She let Ray hit it at 18 years young
Them grown-up bums had Ray sprung
Everybody knew she was the one
She ain't f*** with lil' boys since dun-dun-dun-duns
Photogenic, she knew her angles, huh
Everybody shot they shot from different angles, huh
Lookin' in her eyes, you saw angels, huh
You would've swore she was an angel, huh

Keshia had a baby (Pretty Keshia)
Keshia had a baby (So fly, so diva, so wise, so eager)
Keshia had a baby
Keshia had a baby (So hot, high fever, she was teasin')
Keshia had a...

Ray was a young boy when Christ start comin' 'round
Chris was playin' ball so she couldn't turn him down
He was full of game, she got hers from her mama
Ray was lame compared to Chris, but Chris came with the drama
Mama always said she was Michelle, she need Obama
Mama said don't settle with no broke ni***, that's a problem
She ran that same game on Ray, that's sad
She left Ray for Chris, she in her bag
Now Ray all fuc*** up, Chris just lucked up
Ray probably suicidal 'cause he really love her
Chris a first round draft pick, he 'bout to blow up
Ray somewhere gettin' drunk, face on sad pup
Keshia ain't trippin', she don't think 'bout it at all
Months later, Ray seen Keshia pregnant in the mall
Jaws dropped like, 'Ahh' (Oh)
Ray was really her dawg and she did him like a dog

Keshia had a baby (Keshia, Keshia, Keshia, Keshia, Keshia)
Keshia had a baby (Scandalous, scandalous, scandalous Keshia)
Keshia had a baby (Keshia, Keshia, Keshia)
Keshia had a baby
Keshia had a...

Chris finally made it to the league
Chris was scoring thirty points a game, MVP
Twenty mil' a year, the highest paid on the team
Life was good good, Keshia neck bling bling
Keshia wrist bling bling, Keshia ring bling bling
He was a made ni*** with a bad bitch on his team
Couple goals, they was a meme
Anywhere they came, they came clean
This one late night, they was on a date night
Dinner at a beach house, you know that view was hella nice
Then Chris phone rang, it read, 'Boo Thang'
Keshia paused like...
'You bitch ass ni***, who the f*** is 'Boo Thang?'
Where she at? I'ma beat her ass and run her over in this Mulsanne'
He said, 'Don't leave me'
She said, 'Fuck you, I'm gone'
He said, 'We got a baby, where you gon' go?'

Keshia had a baby (Keshia, Keshia, tell me where you goin', Keshia)
Keshia had a baby (When they're dead, you can't leave 'em, 'cause the baby gon' need 'em)
Keshia had a baby (you know you can't leave 'em, 'cause the baby gon' need 'em)
Keshia had a baby (Keshia had a baby, ooh)
Keshia had a...

It was what you wanted, huh?
Now you know you fuc*** up, Keshia
Got a baby that you love
But the baby ain't enough for Keshia
I was raised to be secure and you know you insecure like Keshia
Now you lookin' like, 'Damn' (Damn)
'Havin' Chris' baby ain't make him love me'
He take care of the kid
Don't you worry 'bout that bitch
That's the way they set up with
That's just how the story is, oh Keshia
What you did to Ray ain't cool
You left him, that was wrong
And now Ray won't answer his phone
Drama's at your door
That's how it goes
Keshia had a baby

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