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YG Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #002



YG Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #002 Letra

I'm a rich Piru by the way
And I fuck with Damus by the way
Okay, his shit got stolen by the way
I had on a mask so he didn't know me by the way
Okay the nigga tried to press by the way
CPR put pump to his chest by the way
The ambulance pulled up and couldn't bring him back by the way
Put his body in a bag and took him away
Okay, my album just dropped by the way
I'm 'bout to cop the phantom drop by the way, okay
Okay niggas sneak diss by the way
Well I'm 'bout to frontline this shit by the way
These niggas stole my shit by the way
So i'ma fuck the nigga bitch by the way
I'm talking to two fucks by the way
Ahhh, like what by the way

Im riding dirty on the L.O
Cause the judge giving niggas body parts, elbows
So I paid 15 hundred for this stash spot
Its janky though if you fuck with it it'll pop out
Oooo I got a strike and a felony
But the homie riding with me say his record clean
So you would take this cake is what you telling me?
Oooo you bet not tell on me
You went to jail for lick
But came home too quick
And you wonder why your homeboys never wanna tell you shit
Till nigga saw that paperwork
He told the D.A. 'Yeah he was the driver, He plotted, he did it
He even threaten to fuck me up if I wasn't with it'
Now its all bad in the hood and he can't come around
Conversation like, something something something gun that nigga down

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