Yo Pussy - Letra

YG ft. D-Lo, John Heart y Raw Smoov

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Raw Smooth with a banger now

Don't trip (don't trip, don't trip)
I be on my way
Over to your crib so we
Can do that thang
Show you what it is
Oh you got it girl you can get the biz
And I'm gon beat that pu*** like wow
Cause I'm in love with yo pu*** girl
Cause I'm in love with yo pu*** girl

Cause I'm in love with yo pu*** girl
No I ain't in love with you
I'm in love with yo pu***

I'm in love with it
I'm in love with it
After I wear it out I'm in the tub with it
Have fun with it make that pu*** talk right
Coversating about sex we could
Talk that
My shoes Gucci and her bags Chanel
Her friends fake but her ass is real
When she let a ni*** hit I'm a smash her real like
Yeah, fo real fo real ugh
Since she bout it, I'm tryin to take it
That juice ain't the only thing naked
Fuck with me girl just because
The dick good and I'm a blood

I put the peace sign up in my tongue between
All I need is one minute have that pu*** creamin
I lay pipe like the roto boys
Dick long like a well she call me polo boy
I be murderin the pu*** ni*** R.I.P
I'm knee deep in her she screamin OMG
So don't trip I be on my way to the crib
I be the sucka you can be the kid
I don't really eat pu***
But tonight I'm deep divin in that pu***
I'm like turn around touch the ground
Good, bend over make that ass clap

I love the way feel so tight and the way it taste
I love the way it stay leakin when I'm in that thang


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