Break Em

Break Em

Moneybagg Yo


Break Em Letra

Break her, break a bitch, break her
I broke the bitch for her last money
Now they calling her a crash dummy
I got niggas in jail will break your ass off
Acting like you gon' tell something
I just broke up with my ex bitch
Cause she wasn't tryna break a nigga off shit
She just wanna suck on my dick
Lay up and talk, bitch I ain't with that soft shit
I need a bitch that's gon' make some'
If the move right she'll take some'
Shake a nigga like a seizure
And she ain't fuckin', she gon' tease ya
Fatal nigga dice game
Getting money, yeah bread gang
I might just break off some hundreds and throw 'em
Next time a hater say my name
I got the game in a chokehold
All of my niggas on payrole
So if you thinking 'bout beefing with me
You can get wrapped like a gyro
My daughters want some every day of the week
Man them the only girls breaking me
I'm in the streets just like Sesame
Broke niggas can't stand next to me
I know some that's solid, I know some niggas that's GD
I know some niggas that's blood and crip
I'll break your ass off about me
I might just break off them choppers
Pull up on your block and spray the shit up
I just might fuck on your bitch for so long
That she calling you to break up
She broke your heart now, you scared now
Rap and work, you need a job now
All that hollering 'bout what you gon' do to me
Man lil nigga calm down
Phone ringing, I can't get a break
'Cause I'm took booked up, you can't get a date
I'm fucking the shit out lil shawty
She throwing it back and praying the rubber break
Damn I just broke my iPhone 7
I wonder which ho gon' pay for this
Damn I just broke them whips out, just broke them bands out
I know them folks hate that shit
Damn I just went broke in the mall
But still got money in the bank and shit
AOB, all off the bitch, I'm pimpin ass yo
You know I don't play that shit
2 Federal, 2 Federal, 2 Federal
You know that shit on the way and shit
You rap niggas break out sweating, biting they nails
Hoping I'm flocking shit
I broke that bitch 'cause she felt me
Broke her for her last, I'm selfish
I'm a young thug, no Jeffery
Skeeted in her mouth and she kept it

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