Mode Letra

I'm in that mode
I just don't give a fuck no more

I'm in that mode
This that slap a nigga mode
I don't fuck with rappers so when you see me that's my mode
All black ski mask I might rob a nigga mode
Or do em like you do em in mixtapes, shoot em, drop a nigga mode
Might take a nigga bitch mode
I'm in that rich nigga mode
I'm so far from broke
Lil shooter at a bitch, fuck with me
Tryna get stuck with me
Told you know how to go
She want a savage like 21
Tote a 30 round but I'm just 20 something
Fucking bitches in their 30 something
Get on the pill, might fuck around, murder something
You in speak mode when you see me but talk on the low
I can hear you ass nigga
Copy my style, study my flow on the low
Wanna be me ass nigga
Bitch I'm just curious
How you gone fuck with me then fuck a nigga that's average
Onto the next subject
I'm asking when the rabbit cause my wrist flooded with carets
Yeah, came up now I'm hot need a fan
Assault rifle got them drumming like a band
Bandz on me I can't keep em in my pants
Fly nigga and I ain't even tryna land
How you throwing shots and expect me to just let it slide
No no no can't let it slide
No no Gon pull up let it ride
Like woah, woah, woah
50K on the rollie in case she know
100 shots out that Draco, turn to a ghost
Walk up hit em up close, smoke his ass like Dro
Hashtag R.I.P yeah turn em into a post
Kush and lean I'm on both
Diamonds wet they got soaked
Bread gang niggas got loafs
Hating ass niggas do the most
Freaky bitches do the Gross
Pop a perc then flow
Catch a wave like a boat
I spit the real so they quote me
Won't quit the game like Kobe
You a baby boy like Jody
I'm Mario you a Yoshi
Real Talk

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