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Velho Freestyle



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All the bitches like
And all my niggas like
God damn
Yeah, yeah
Uh, Bust down bitch
Bust down bitch

Yeah, yeah
It's my face, I do whatever I want
Bitches always with me and I keep working the trunk
Shout my nigga bums daughter, shoutout to my son
Shout my babymama cause you everything I want
Hating ass niggas wanna talk about the set
I put a tec to ya muthafuckin' chest
Man, I can't help that I be acting so violent
But DMV niggas so reckless, I be wylin'
Fuck you niggas be talkin' bout?
Don't tweet about it, just be about it
Don't talk about it, just fight about it
Don't screenshot it, just write about it
Fuck the bullshit, fuck rap
Fuck nigga, you can't rap
Fuck you, I am rap
No hands, my gun clap
Got shooters in body mode
Can't say too much on this song I wrote
Fake niggas be doing shit that we did first and then rap about it
Take the shit that we wear and all of our slang and say that they live by it
Talk the shit that we walk about and then say we fake but won't air it out
But it's cool baby, I'm fine with it
Hate and love, it's alright, isn't it?
Got gold and I got hoes, and I got friends and I got foes
Got bitches, I got clothes
Got some guns, a whole lot of those
Got bitches, whole pensload
Bad ass nigga with a shell toe

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