A Monster In My Closet!

A Monster In My Closet!

Taylor Swift


A Monster In My Closet! Letra

There's a monster in my closet and I don't know what to do!
Have you ever seen him?
Has he ever pounced on you?
I wonder what he looks like!
Is he purple with red eyes?
I wonder what he likes to eat.
What about his size!!
Tonight I'm gonna catch him!
I'll set a real big trap!
Then I'll train him really well.
He'll answer when I clap!

When I looked up in that closet, there was nothing there but stuff.
I know that monster's in there!
I heard him huff and puff!
Could it be he wants to eat me?
Maybe I'm his favorite tray.
And if he comes to get me,
I'll scream loudly, 'Go away!!'
If he's nice, I'll name him 'Happy.'
If he's bad I'll name him 'Grouch.'
I suspect that he is leaving, but if not. . .I'll kick him out!

Sobre A Monster In My Closet!

  • Una joven Taylor Swift escribió sobre lo que más temen los niños pequeños. El monstruo en su armario. Cada vez que se acuesta, puede ver al monstruo en la oscuridad mientras duerme y eso la mantiene despierta.