Denzel Curry


Denzel Curry ft. J.K. The Reaper, Mike Dece y Yoshi Thompkins



Got me feeling like a fucking dog, it's outside
[?] house and bars, Aquarius Killer Curry is a fuckin' god
Backwards nigga no facade, I'm from a place where niggas switchin' squad
Z3, Z4 and all across the block
Niggas out here blame flags
Purple, green or that all-black
Fuck around you get your ass taxed
Stick in the field you get wet
Like arcane and that mole rat
From Chuck E. Cheese, nigga let's take it back
Caught flaggin' by the stove
Nigga hopped out the four-door
You know Mo thinks in slo-mo, like Trinity
You cross me like a trinity
Nevertheless it's meant for me
Extend my hatred wickedly one-hundred times infinity
Super Saiyan level hit the boiler point
Hotter than the [?] with the Devil in the back of a joint
First one to die is the one who's the hardest
Blackland Carol City, bitch welcome to Muder Gardens

Feel like I got the power, I'm higher the hip hop Messiah
I ain't fuck Alicia Keys but a nigga on fire
That's prior to the fact that I'm rawer then unprotected sex
Eat some Chex cereal in the morning and then it's off for checks
And why niggas asking me to match spliffs
I'd rather stay home, break backs like Mike Smith
I'll write a cool mixtape drop it on Dat Piff
Now these hoes tryna use me I'm feeling a little thrift
Damn Josh you rap now, but I ain't talking about gifts
And I ain't talking about cliffs when I say I leave you hanging
'Cause you bitches got the blues like a smurfet if you banging
And I ain't banging I'm just banging these hoes niggas claim they taming
I'm always rappin burning up like coal, aiming at you hoes
Women that don't have no fucking souls their hearts a fucking cold
Mines is bared ass on a igloo
So don't ask me do I care about these bitches and what they
All do 'cause uhm
They probably what I'm getting through
Rapping fucking hoes it helps me with what I'm getting through
Getting super wet and lay the pipe like a plumber do
The name getting known so these bitches sticking like some
Glue, I'ma ball cause a nigga shine more than a car being waxed
Bought some armorall hoho, get off my santa clause
Class writing rhymes cause I don't have time for this work shit
Probably high as fuck I'm [?] weed I'm talking purp shit
Teacher passing out D's so yes I'm barely passing
But I'm worried about the fashion and the bitches in which
I'm smashing
Bust a nut and drop her off and then I dump her like some ashes
Like sorry Mr. Johnson, for this math I have no passion
I'd rather make sweet love to the girl that sitting next to me
And flip her like a supreme deluxe Krabby Patty recipe
They like damn Josh how come you haven't blown yet
Because I haven't kissed enough ass to get known yet, dummy

Niggas swear they get pussy but having phone sex
Tell her give me head 'til her forehead dome sweat
Meat cleaver flow for niggas thinking they raw
Leave you looking like DMX if you keep barking at the dogs
Check her call log, I bet you nigga I ain't call at all
To me it's 100 miss calls check her crib you'll probably find my
Drawers, and one of my balls
Why niggas always stall, I'm that nigga on call with three bitches, ho I'm Jabber Jaws
And with the pussy cat doll, check my catalog dog
My catastrophic bombs will probably throw you off
Niggas always coming soft, so I had to flip the script
I think I'm Da Vinci hiding images inside the script
Watching tales from the crip, lay my spread and then I dip
Say she want to take a trip well here's yo shroom take it
Have her seeing hyenas and shit, like a safari
I'm on Safari you should Google me bitch
Before I put this Google Chrome and show yo' ass some digital shit
I say it straight to yo face, no subliminal bitch
I slide through like I'm gumby
It's like Return of the Mummy, shit'll get ugly
Cause niggas in the field, no rugby
Bitches want to fuck me, tell her that she lucky if I touch thee cunty
I was probably riding out on my huffy, one deep
Riding through these streets like I ain't me, I'm a wolf
Nigga and you looking like a black sheep
You would make a nice shirt, but it's too hot for the long sleeve
You looking cotton soft, I feed you to my offspring, fuck you

What the fuck you need bitch
Never sold a copy I sell rocksies and I clean shit
Cleaner than crispy, sort of like Whitney you O.D. bitch
Inhaling and smoking on shit that's so potent it's making me see shit
She's praising my cum like it's Jesus
I stay with the green, its too filthy for the OZ of it
A forest of trees, smoke so thick I can not breathe in it
Who's working like me bitch? I'm taking your millis' like Regis did
When you answer 'B' but, playing these games will not give you shit
And neither will we, but the drugs set you up with a gun to your lips
I'm high as can be so, I do not really give a shit like toilet for pee
Just like Humsy and Bill which I say with a brick, so fuck the police
Sort of like bops on the cops they can suck my dick, not literally
Hoe said I'm cliche so I spray on her tits
She ice and she gliss, she's covered in jizz
Killing these bitches like serial disses
I leave them exquisitely killed in the trenches
Like water they wet
And my pistol is best cause it lock on like jaw when I sent to the head and I kill
You want some pills, I got tanks I got bells
Yes I know I'm killing you, but I have to pay the bills
Hoe I got sticks like a fucking stick drill
Up in the lot like I'm [?] crack, all I know is how to kill
Decipher your head leave you split like her legs, or the motherfucking seal
Cut these faggots up like some fucking fish scale
Colored beam pointed at the demons where they dwell
Kill a faggot cop, send his ass back to hell