Denzel Curry

My Nig

Denzel Curry ft. Mike Dece


My Nig Letra

Aquarius killa, let's talk about shit that will weigh in my brain
It seems the persona of Raven Miyagi is out here to make me insane
I feel drained, water that flows in the sewer all way to the sink
Stumblin' over the covenant with My eyes closed and the demon's awaken
And I can say, you want my pain, my nigga, no emotions
I told you since the age of 12 that I'm a vessel, soulless
Denny Cascade, the bitches they lovin' the craze
Shot it, poppin', roof top droppin'
I'm swift, I slang, in ya face like cosmetology
I don't give a fuck, bet a nigga get stuck
When bruh break out the fuckin' mahogany
Shit is crackin', it's about to get drastic
Nigga, threaten yo life, then close a nigga casket
Slumber in my tomb, my isolated cocoon
Denzel Aquarius killa is from the planet of the shrooms
Intergalactic Shaman God Himself gave me a son
R.I.P Lord Infamous still spillin' that red rum my nigga

M.U.R.D.E.R. not even CPR, Keeping the motherfucker from the tec
Spell it out, whether my homies are coming, I put them in my favorite bag
But then like a pencil, bury them like chemtrails
You know me, and Denzel be dropping them dead
Not talking bout stencils, I'm talkin' bout metals
That enter the mental and go through your head
Get rid of you quick, tossin' your ass in a ditch
Mentally lovin' your bitch, OG in this shit
You knowing I'm rolling them twists, and yes I am on a tablet
I'm sinister rich, I keep it so godly, you not me
I'm droppin these (??) mix, still reppin' a bitch
Always equipped with a clip full a missles, keep talkin' that shit
Cold, winter, make the pussy hole shiver
Get up in it, make a mess up in it, she take the dick like a picture
G.H.Bizzle for dinner, yes I fucked the face of your bitch sir
On an acid tab underwater, on that cannabis elixir
Got mushrooms up in me, that long cock up in her
I'm with my broski Denny, peel your bitch off like a sticker
I pimped the hoe and then list her, you lost a hoe I'm probably with her, we're so high bitch so fried way out the atmosphere

Spaced out, niggas be talkin' bout all of the shit in the atmosphere, commandeer, baby come in here, baby come in here
I'm spaced out, niggas be talkin' bout all of the shit in the atmosphere
Have no fear, baby have no fear, baby have no fear, spaced out