Denzel Curry

Nigga Like Me

Denzel Curry ft. Yung Simmie


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Nigga like me won't touch ya
Nigga like me ain't bustin
Nigga like me need money
Grindin, keepin it a hundred
Nigga like me hate drama
So I gotta roll with the Lama
Stop him in his tracks like a komma
Nigga like me bout dollars
Fuck shit, I don't hear it
Nigga like me don't fear it
Fuck 2 chains, I got 2 Glocks, leave wholes in your body like a pearsing
And my hood get jumped like fences
See a nigga like you is defenceless
So a nigga like me toat the sem ie
The hood goin dummy like dropouts
Got the game on the motherfuckin lockdown
Couple hoes on the motherfuckin cock now
See a nigga like me got a real 6D, bitch better have that lockjaw
Got bars like I'm fresh out the cop car
Too bad I ain't be in the cop car
You a snitch, you hop out the cop car
So I leave your body outside the cop car
Run in the closet, run at your couch
My plan is takin you out
Don't fuck with me, you know what I'm bout
I already told you, I'm lookin for guap
Mark got the picture, niggas get cropped

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