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Denzel Curry ft. Nell y Sir Michael Rocks


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I'm a Thundercat to a pussy like you barely Simba
Ho ass nigga favorite color magenta
Cooler than a reptilian blood in December
With a popsicle slush fluid in the center
As I plot the rock, god Ra make em rot
Run up on me best believe you get got
Son of a G, everything that you not
Like where was you when I was running the block?
When I snap, crackle, pop I'm a serial killer
Wait, I'm a cannibal, Survival of the Fittest, the prodigy
Of Hannibal, Rudy, let's have a face off
On John Travolta, wet 'em, Super Soaker
Stop, the double Glock pop on the knots
B, we keep it G to the C note, we so
Below zero froze I'm sub Niño
The crack era repo was lethal like Ethel
333 times 2 multiply to a million
You not my kin, uppercut into the ceilin'
Hadouken, Shawn Anderson how I do it
Shots to his head, Buddhist
He cluelessly sleeping and brutally beaten
I'm doing the reaping, now rest in the ditch
The maggots gon' eat him, decompose the demons
His ass gon be leaking and restin in piss
Rusty razorblades
In the stomachs of my enemies
Shitted out, tetanus shot
Take a shot check the clock
Breeze him out
Limb buyer seeks Babylon
Land mine, suicide
Who am I? Do or dying

Industry niggas wanna talk and shit
Life's a dog and I'm walkin' it
Light the swisher, Offerin' the pistol whip was slick
It slipped out of my hand and it clipped my wrist
A bitch always callin my phone but I don't like her
Drop crop jeans, the pants look like a diaper
Snipe a white tiger with Ice T rifle
My mental fucked up cause the things I've been through
Thirst for the winter, throwing gin in the blender
To mix with the purp I remember
I was kicked out the crib on the first of December
I worshiped the moon in the church with the symbols, the sinner
You should bow down and surrender
Catch a nigga grippin on the pole from the window
Crazy the temper, they gave me the tazer
And told me to raise it and place it by his (?)


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