Denzel Curry

Stadium Starship

Denzel Curry


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[Big Moe Intro]

Deep in the galaxy, indigo vert
When I swerve, coming down, when I swang through
Stadium starship be booming like metro,
Can I phone you home with my Bluetooth?
Gold on my grill and my Glock is gray matter
Some niggas be hollerin' 'bout truce, truce
Beam me from misery, Pegasus symphony
Riding black hoes in a black coupe
Denny Cascade the majestic Messiah
Pronounced as the phonkiest Jesus
Stranded in Zone 3 my nigga
I'm zoning with LSD tabs in my grapefruit
Sighin' rewindin' about the last time
That my nine would cock back and would chase you
Think of my honey, I'm buzzing, I'm bugging
About the last time I would taste you, hate to

Burst your little bubbles like it was blossom and buttercup
Got niggas in the hood, be shootin', shoutin', and other stuff
And then ya mama cryin'
In a ball, she crunchin up her her walls pixilate
From the swift of the angel dust
Beware of the pale horse
Revelation minus caving, rippin' the sound chords
C9 is the future year, is 2055
Come with me into Atlantis so we can stay alive

[Big Moe Outro]

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