Denzel Curry

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Denzel Curry


TimWestwoodTV Freestyle Letra

Guess who comin' out, boy
Comin' out the south, boy
Curry known to spit, like a Draco, Malfoy
I'm the only nigga that is fresher than a altoid
Everything I drop gon' be hard, that's a asteroid
I could be a asshole, [?] actually be
Never trust a bitch, Adam may never come outta Eve
You can suck a dick, I'm 'bout to get my nuts out and leave
On to other shit, callin' up the mothership
Parlament part of me I departed with my scholarship
Heart of a lion, niggas be lying to be hard as shit
Watching 'em fall of is like a victim of a Sparta kick
Sit back and feel it and while these other niggas politic
Politician, bitch I'm pocket pickin' 'cause my pot is pissin'
Try to diss me like you never heard the verse, then on Kristi
YamaGucci, I killed that shit like I was gucci
Never been coochie, the only reason you salute me
Sargent, sargent, it's hard, it's smart, retarded
We chargin', your audience, my target
We starvin', I need protein and starches
Red carpet, the blood of your favorite artist
It's carnage when Curry spit venom
Call a ambulance so they can put some shit in 'em
All they see was niggas in some all black Denim
Caught another flow because I caught momentum, ah
Curry is the feces, sharper than a bee sting
Nigga I am beasting to a point where I could bee sting
Nigga it's a me thing, meaning is a you thing
Fantastic Four, but for Curry it's the new thing
Back for the Mula, [?] Cris with no Luda
I could reach for the sky, tell the stars I'm a shooter
Keep my pockets on fupa, cheddar cheese and chalupa
I will hang with my niggas, but I ain't Mr. Cooper
Bitch my name is the Curry, niggas scary like scurry
If you want definition, then they move in a hurry
If you waitin' to serve me, then you must be a waiter
I done came a long way from a goddamn raider
Makin' goddamn plaper, in a-
Wait, what the fuck am I saying?
Hol' up, man switch the beat, switch the beat

What's the dea-
What's the deal?
I'm caught up in a pickle son
Why people try to jack me with the nickel son?
The nickel plate
Insinuate all the dough on my dinner plate
It's hyperactive, making you hyperventilate, uh
Stop breathing, got whores on all fours and four seasons
No more for locked doors, we all greasing
When you in a room full of Gods, so pledge allegiance, baby open your cleavage, uh
On the Cleveland, I'm off the Brown
And I might swerve my words and I swerve my nouns
Renounce, when I used to smoke a ounce and bounce
Way back, way before I had a bank account
I had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 pennies in my pocket
Actin' like the hot shit
Knowing damn well that a nigga ain't got shit
Strictly for my niggas way before I'm on that Pac shit
That was way back, like where my slaves at?
Way before Ross even had a Mayback
The cars, the jewels, the hoes don't impress me
Flashing lights and looking like it's epilepsy
I ball like pistols when you wanna be a piston
Fuck your wrist, I'd rather go and put my fist in
Put your fist pump, rather than a fist bump
I get the ski mask and watch the God get slumped
Ain't no false prophets counterfeiting false prophets
Came through and you know I be the hot topic
Curry is the nigga on the knowledge, I drop shit
Denzel, yeah you know I came through, I pop shit
The U season moves in Far from losers, more like penny abusers
Money youn- money on my mind, I'm
Sunny, sunny, sunny, let me shine, rise
Rise along the motherfucking east like the Islam
I don't really give a fuck, the looking like 'Who is him?'
Nigga came through with the motherfucking ism
Like racism, or sexism, I textin' 'em'
That motherfucking knowledge I drop
Denzel, motherfucker on the shit I pop
I skate, like a motherfucking figure 8
If a nigga wanna talk about a dinner date
You don't want this, you don't want that, you don't want that
I came through, motherfucker, yeah I got a dope back
With the throwback, like a motherfuckin' 70
Came through with the motherfuckin' telepathy

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