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AUTOPSY FREESTYLE es una canción de Skepta, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Joseph Junior Adenuga.


'Autopsy Freestyle'

Yo, it's Skepta
The levels have blatently gone up now
I've come off the decks onto the mic, man this is what's happening (Wasteman!)
It's not even a joke out here (What?)
It's Masterbeats time
Roll Deep time, Meridian time
Big up Bossman every single day
Okay, Skepta on the mic right now (Big up Bossman)
Listen and learn

I'm like draw for the tool, go on then, go on then
Think I'm a fool? Go on then, go on then
Draw for the mash, go on then, go on then
Still wanna clash? Go on then, go on then, go on then
Wasteman! See? Shook! Go on then
I got war lyrics in my book, go on then, go on then
Kiss my black foot, go on then, go on then
One, two, diss my crew
Three, four, come to your door
Five, six, draw for the blitz
Punches, kicks
We'll be outside about seven or eight
So it ain't bait
Nine, ten, draw for the skeng
Leave an MC underground like then
Go on then, go on then, diss a mandem

Go on then, go on then, draw for the 'chete
Bullets start dropping down like confetti
Won't bring a strap if the beef is petty
No family, I just draw for the 'chete
Make you really look like a bowl of spaghetti
Leave your lips bust and your forehead sweaty
I'll make you wish you never drawed the machete
Go on then, think you're ready? Go on then
Know yourself when you're not in the booth
When I touch mic, I only speak truth
Run when you hear the dogs go 'Woof, Woof'
Don't care if he's a 12 year old youth
Go on then, go on then, jump on the roof
When it come down, your head will get hoof
Blud, you will be missing more than one tooth
Skepta, live in the flesh I'm proof

That DJ's can take an MC's title
Get chopped in your top lip with a vinyl
Jack an MC for the R1 cycle
Man get shook on Skepta's arrival
Go on then, Go on then, draw for the rifle
I'll bun a mic man like
Fire man's head like Pepsi did Michael
I will seperate the groom from the bridal
Listen and learn, it's my turn
I'll be a big MC by end of school term
I'm a big bird, you're just a worm
You don't wanna receive third degree burns
When I bust gun, everyone spread like germs
Bullets will run forehead like a perm
Fuck jailhouse, I don't wanna go there
Big boy solicitor, case is adjourned

[?] told me that I ain't got bars
Got better bars than your favorite stars
See man saying go on then in cars
Rudeboy, I got bars
I make Nigerians proud of their facial scars
My bars make you push up your tits like bras
Your bars could never test my bars
Old bars, new bars, [?] war bars
I ain't one of those boys from the past who ain't got the answer
I got the answer
I'm like Mr. Miyagi the master
Go on then, give me the test and I'll pass that exam with my eyes closed, get an A**
When it comes to guns, I draw faster
Push back wig like a wasteman barber
But forget that, Skepta's smarter

I must be the master, you know why?
Always got the answer, you know why?
Cos Skepta ain't a fool, you know why?
I took notice in school, you know why?
I wanted to be the smartest, you know why?
Road life is the hardest, you know why?
Man get shot for joking, you know why?
They only care about their own life
And they don't care about my tune
Same wasteman wanna spit on my tune
Wasteman bars can't fit on my tune
They try hard, but they still sound shit on my tune
Producers wanna bootleg my tune
Clash me and end up [?] my tune
Just a little reminder of my tune
There was gunshots at Sidewinder for my tune

Born on September 19th
Don't care about February 14th
Pay me for my 16th
Before I start acting like it's Friday the 13th
Two black guns and a balaclava
CS gas and a meat cleaver
Pay me for my halfer
Before I start chopping off heads like King Arthur
When people clash in the game, why's it such a big thing when they say a man's real name?
Yeah, yeah, go on then, go on then, say my name then
These same man don't want Junior to come around with
Zayn, Javan, Jerome, Richard, James, Jamie, Mark and Marvin
Bustin shots at your window frame
Junior's not on the hype
Skepta's only a music name and I don't get the roads twisted with the mic
I'm only Skepta in the music game
Call out my name, call out my name, call out my name
Batty boy, call out my name
My name's Junior, Junior, Junior, Junior
Suck your mum until she's in pain
I got love for the fam when I'm 'ere
Drive round on a two year ban when I'm 'ere
Skepta's a fully grown man when I'm 'ere
No baby buggy or pram when I'm 'ere
Fifty pound for a gram when I'm 'ere
Smokers broke a hole in the can when I'm 'ere
They can't diss Bossman when I'm 'ere
Represent Meridian man when I'm 'ere, when I'm 'ere

Yeah, Skepta! Brap

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