Disco 'Coke Boys' (2010) al que pertenece la canción 'Choppa Choppa Down'

Choppa Choppa Down

French Montana ft. Waka Flocka Flame


Choppa Choppa Down Letra

Bounce, Bounce
Bounce, Bounce
Bounce, Bounce
Bounce, Bounce

Choppa' choppa' down, down, down, down
I lay a nigga' down, down, down, down
Choppa' choppa' break it down, down, down, down

Shots be flying, niggas die, don't make a sound
Chrome .44 on the slow-mo when your body hit the ground
Nigga' look around
Got shooters, got guns, got bitches, got white, mo'fucka' we run the town
When them shots be flying nigga's diving, dying, running trying to hit the ground
Security, need security when them shots be flying around
Cocaine music nothing stopping that, with Juice 'ey I'm Project Pat
I got the streets nigga' fine with that
Chasing that money, nothing stopping that
Big ass chopper, cocaine mafia, lay a nigga' down if a nigga' try stop 'em
Chopper break it down, I fix a nigga' problem
Low to the ground, and the roof no top
King of the streets, I ain't never going to stop
Nigga's ask around, when a single goin' drop?
A nigga so hot, jewels so cold, still let a chopper chop

I ain't got time for the bullshit
No fight games, just a full clip
Old school girl, just a hood bitch
One thing for sure i'mma' let it rip
Aftermath a nigga, no Dr. Dre
Point blank range with the SK

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