French Montana

Hatin On A Young’n

French Montana


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What they talkin bout?
What they talkin bout?
Chop I don't sweat it
I'm a coke boy yea
Sweat it
Aye aye aye aye

So what they talkin bout? (3X)

Wholesellers, go and seal it
We talk a hundred bags, you still gon smell it
Got some hoes with us, they go getters
Tatted a coke boy on they head in bold letters
More fellas, I wear 4 letters
Stretching out the work, it was all finished
Your boy stylin, your broad smiling
Red Ferrari, gotta crawl up out it
Got a bad bitch, too much pork around it
My bitch ass fat, you gotta walk around it
Made niggas, 8 figures
Called fresh up out of the lot, paid stickers

Mo fetish, niggas born jealous
Heard they hatin on a youngin but I don't sweat it
I don't get it, I just go and get it
Heard they hatin on a youngin but I don't sweat it

I'm talkin snow mountain with my my time on it
I'll tell your main bitch get her climb on
Cold winters, give me 4 minutes
In a stove top whip up four Bentleys
Wave flipper, pay strippers
Jack dealer, Ace sipper
My dough brother, co-pilot
Deep down fresher than 4 stylists
Niggas hatin from the side watchin
Got 40 grand in my side pocket
Just go and get it, your bitch bald headed
Heard you hatin on a youngin but I don't sweat it


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