Disco 'Reincarnate' (2014) al que pertenece la canción 'Death March'


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This is the new world order and it's changing the game
So step right up to go down in flames
I want your sons, want your daughters, all creatures of the night
So wave your flag if you're ready to fight

Bringing insects to their knees
Catching them in webs I weave
You were in my dream last night
Begging me to take a bite

I indulge the hypocrisy and I devour the pain
I give in to the ecstasy, but the cold dark remains
I control my own destiny and i won't suffer in vain
My enemy will not be the end of me. no no

Death March. no, thats not how i go
Death March. let everyone know

This is the new disorder, it's the unsolved case
And it's bringing the rage straight to your face
So send in the clowns, add fuel to the fire
And cut your throat just to preach to the choir

All is fair in love and war
I'm still rotten to the core
So won't somebody start this shit?
Fuck em all, i'm over it

It's chaos up in my head
My demons are my best friends
Ashes, Ashes we all fall down

Theres just hate in the hole where my heart used to be
I want you and you and you and you

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