Disco 'Reincarnate' (2014) al que pertenece la canción 'Final Dictvm'

Final Dictvm

Motionless in White ft. Tim Sköld


I smell like victory
I taste like blood

I'd sacrifice all I've got for one more second
I'd give away all I own

Final Dictum

I'll destroy all I know for just a moment
Forgiving only to forget

Repent repent
It's all the same
Bow down to a god so your life is saved

Revenge revenge
This punishment
Served cold to a world of malevolence

Spreading your legs for master
Slit wrists you fuck and pray
I'll help you fall down with me
Scream the holy spirit's name

I smell like victory
I taste like blood
Final Dictum

This bitter journey cannot end without beginning
So let the ending come to me

Final Dictum

And with your gods down on their knees the crows still singing
Singing only to forget

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