Kelly Rowland

Make Believe

Kelly Rowland


Make Believe Letra

Can you make me believe, in make believe
Can you make me feel, make me feel, what I can see
Make me believe, in make believe
That's what I'll do, until the day you're here with me

You've got a piece of my heart, that I know I can't get back
So sick in love, must admit yeah we had it bad
Now the time's ran out and the train ran off the tracks
But you're still the only thing I have

Is true love, just a fairy tale?
Of the things we, the things we wanna hear
Is true love, just a pretty lie?
Cause you break me down, everytime you say goodbye

It's been oh so long, since the last time I seen your smile
You know days turn to weeks, turn to months, yeah it's been a while
When you reach for your phone book it's my numbers that you dial
I hope my prince charming comes around


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