Polo G

Who Run It Remix

Polo G


Polo G; Intro-
Haha, Lil Capalot Bitch, Brrrrr Bow Bow

Polo G; Verse -
Hip-Hop getting boring these rappers ain't talkin bout shit like they need some new writers or sum
They was shook when I came like I'm off the wire or sum
Like I didn't wan the choir to come
Why they ain't believe me like I just be talking like I'm just a liar or sum
Now they all look to me like I play on Empire or sum
Like I'm Juli Aguiler or sum
Bitch I'm lil polo I cop some new Ralph Lauren if I need to get flyer or sum
Like fuck alot and I stay with a new hoe man I feel like Quagmire or sum
Yo bitch hollin at me while I thumb through these thousands like that shit excite her or sum
We slide to a telly late night she gave neck up to me then I put the pipe in her stomach
Told me don't say shit about how I beat her back in cause you gon try to fight her or sum
Guess you a broke boy need to go get off yo ass need to go get expired or sum
Niggas ain't chasing money they just want the clout like that's all they desire or sum
I was bussin 2-4s til i check a certain amount I might pull a all nighter or sum
And my whole hood hot like they living on fire or sum like it's fresh out the dryer or sum
Old heads on the block need to put in new work or fall back and retire or sum
They can't say I ain't veteran I was out earning my stripes like I'm Tony the Tiger or sum
For killa I'm cappin I will leave you stankin' like yo body expired or sum
Come through this one way and watch all them glizzys start singing like they in the choir or sum
Blow (?) like a mf fryer or sum
(?) bring out that k it start breaking yo face and it's gone fuck round change yo complexion
If you ain't rocking with us then you gotta lay down and hell naw I can't making no exceptions
Bitch I be hunting you ain't on point that's yo ass I'm a squeeze on that blick with aggression
It really don't matter I'll pull up anywhere and start shooting like I'm Stephen
Ain't leaving no witness few shots at his chest how the fuck he gone snitch if he breathless
Burning big blunts of yo mans he used to love talking so we flame him up every session
He wasn't even like that ran into him a few times and I never got that impression
That was a cluck move he went out like a skitta them boys going through a recession
Can't hang with no broke niggas my whole crowd eating bitch our pockets look like they pregnant
See (?) before they eat breakfast
One day I'm a be the connect prolly get a traphouse out in Texas
Scraping the pot then waiting for some more of this come steady stacking bricks these like its Tetris
And foenem on point if the police kick the door we gone run with them chickens like precious
Right now I'm just rapping and this bread coming in finna drop 20,000 on a necklace
We up in the club if you not very important you can't step in this section
Mug in the club me and the gang gone approach you and stomp on yo facial expression
But that's not likely plus niggas know who I am everywhere I go I'm respected
Yeah I'm the man now and these hoes know wassup so they all wanna feel my erection
I'm a cold hearted lil nigga and plus I'm a player so I can't show no affection
I know brag a lot but I'm still a lil humble cause I look at this as a blessing
I know my potential I see the greatness in my every time I stare at my reflection
Started way back at 13 I was rapping at lunch since a shorty I knew I was destined
They say who the hottest just type in Polo G and I think that should answer yo question
Kill that who run it I had to murder that bitch but I feel like that was expected
You think this some shit, you ain't heard nun yet just wait 'til I drop Die A Legend
That shit coming soon just be on the lookout cause it's dropping August 11th, BITCH

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