Disco '​metal heart' (2015) al que pertenece la canción '7th gr8de'

7th gr8de



7th gr8de Letra

Meet me a thousand years ago
A message written on your face, you watch the boys
Play soccer after school
And you swear they all look like tools

But I guess it's over now
You're not here and I'm not around
We'd watch tv and see the people 'cross the street
We like the time
Even though we're both hiding frowns

In seventh grade
Seventh grade
Seventh grade

I'll never kiss him
You already killed me, What was it like?
To be a lie
To be a lie
To be a lie
To be a lie
To be a lie

K-I-S-S, I-N-G
Sitting in the tree
Do you want me, like I do?
Like I do?
Like I do?

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