Disco 'midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik' (2009) al que pertenece la canción 'Boxframe Cadillac'

Boxframe Cadillac

Freddie Gibbs


Maybe it's that... maybe it's that... maybe it's that
Dro that I'm smokin got me rollin, slow motion
I'm blowin' dough that's so potent, got a nigga coughin and chokin
I'm in that... Boxframe cadillac, swervin off the exit ramp
Split my swisha with my thumb, rolling hydroponic plants

I got the bass bangin, window cracked
Breakin down a reefer sack
Big money grip with an ounce of that piff and a fo-fifth in my lap
I'm in that boxframe cadillac, swervin off the exit ramp
Split my swisha with my thumb nigga roll that hydroponic plant
Pint of 'gnac, mix it with the red bull, take another pull of this dodey
This endo, roll up that window
If you see me rollin in I'm smokin, guarantee, fire weed
Not a stick, not a seed, pack of blunts all I need
I'm about to get sent up I don't give no fuck man I'm all about gettin fried
I don't know how they do it where you reside
GI niggas smoke and ride
So if you with it, catch a contact
Non smokers fall back, we can chit-chat
I'd rather be in, gone in the 'llac

[Hook] x2

Yo I've been smokin since a youngin
Coppin halfs and quarter onions
Peach optimo, fillin it with that leafy green stuffin
And my nigga ? he used to smoke one with me after practice
Fuckin batches, cuttin classes and constantly dumpin ashes
And I miss my dude, wishin I could still be with my dude
I'd give it all up to get him back I swear to god
All the money, cars and expensive jewels
Yeah I smoke, I chief, I blaze
Just to ease the stress and pain
Mama think I'm strange
Maryjane put alot of evil thoughts in my brain
Alotta times man I be on that murda shit
Hit me with the spinach if you got a problem with it you can tell that to my burner bitch
Please don't make me act a fool
Tryna keep my cool
But my head, missing screws
So you know it ain't no doubt I'mma straight jab out
Like I ain't got shit to lose


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