Freddie Gibbs

Iodine Poison

Freddie Gibbs


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Motherfucker, goddamn
I'm blowed off in this motherfucker
Puffin chad back in the zone off in this motherfucker
Chopper go off and reload off in this motherfucker
NIgga might see something explode off in this motherfucker
Snapped up strapped to the teeth
Motherfuckers in A they dropped the yak in my Caprice
Let the moonlight hit the sky then I went yakkin up the street
Did an 85 and left them niggas wrapped up in a sheet
Motherfuckers know it's:
FG, I keep my money on my mind
Gorilla on the track and keep a swisha full of pine
A pack out on the strip and a bitch or two on the grind
Got niggas in my clique that'll kill you and do the time
So violate me baby and I bet you make the front page
Fuck my PO, I'm stayin blazed till the last age

Give me some kushy and some purple to sip
And let me check out on the sunset strip
Like a motherfucking pimp
Pimp C I keep my money on my mind

Bitch I'm too hard to swallow the son is super tight
Was raised on riding dirty, dirty money off the white
Kept a couple side hustles, thought rapping was just a dream
Later snapped on the track like I was an UnderGround King
Whatchu mean?
You bitches act like I'm fresh on the scene
Brought Canadian bud across the border at 17
Wholly moley dotey and that proper drug methazine
Come down to my basement and all you see is a sea of green
Bitch I'm on that grown shit
Had to grow my own shit
Got those P-zo's and those zippers hit me on the phone bitch
If you need it then I got it just don't say the wrong shit
Too much yappin at the trap'll send us on a long trip
Fuck polices and politicians perpetrating that punk shit
I'm coming down on candy paint like 'smoke some bitch'

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