Disco 'Str8 Killa No Filla' (2010) al que pertenece la canción 'Dollar$ For Dope'

Dollar$ For Dope

Freddie Gibbs


Dollar$ For Dope Letra

Fuck it
Fuck it
Straight killa

This for my niggas
Strictly for all my niggas
Start your engine, put the fuel on the (?)
This ain't for polices, them prosecutors, or politicians
This for those that push to put they self in the proper position
This ain't for them niggas who take the stand and work for the feds
Hope you leave your house today and catch hollow points in your head
For real, skrilla, my nigga (?), Menance and Charlie Mack
First ones to show you that these gangsters from GI can rap
And we live our lyrics, that's why the people investigate
Loco in the head, think I need to speak to the head of state
Hey Mr. Obama, my neighborhood filled with drama
Tell them majors and them punk ass patrolmen
Put on they armor
'Cause we banging them
Dollars for dope, we still exchanging them
(?) with the broken noose, I can't hang with them
House niggas of hip hop
Fuck the shucking and jiving
It's that Midwest murder of mother fuckers, must I remind 'em
Gangsta Gibbs

Gibbs baby
Hoes got me fucked up

Yes I'm a pimp, I ain't no ladies man
Heard that he gave you the world
I wouldn't give a shit even if I gave a damn
(?) in my '83 as I'm slanging D
I make a bitch take a trip
To push the shit from point A to B
Play with me get your head bust if you wanna
(?) invading niggas homes
Georgia to California
M.I.A. to N.Y
Straight killa no feeling straight out of GI
I bet I'll send some bullets with my reply
Rappers can die
'Cause this industry know that this flow is fatal
And I'm making these magazine covers without no record label
Ask my nigga Rock
Everything we eat is straight off the streets
A fucking savage beast I can't let you leeches eat off of me
I'm slamming
Go right back to the store get my digits up
I hope my plug ain't changing no prices
I just might stick him up
Hit him up
Put the dart through his dome
If he get defiant
This a sample of the dope
You can try before you buy
Straight killa

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