Freddie Gibbs

Face Down

Freddie Gibbs


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I'm 'gnac'd out and I'm geeked up
Stay chief'd up with my heat tucked
These ho niggas can't be us
Get the crime tape and white sheets up
Bitch, only make that thug shit
Hat broke off in your club shit
Much love to the Lords, and the Folks
And the Stones, and the Foes, all the niggas I'm plugged wit'
Y'all niggas ain't in these streets man
Did naan dirt in this D game
I done bust shots, said fuck cops
Let the blades chop and my beats bang
And I know y'all hoes gon' hate that
Straight chopper off in your face rap
Take jewels off then get pulled off
You come around us then we take that
I'm straight off Gangsta Island so you know I'm on that gangster shit
Gangsta Gibbs kitchen whippin' zippers, bumpin' Gangsta NIP
And them gangsta bitches don't want nothin' but that gangsta dick
Stay puffin' on that stanky shit, take a deep breath then take a hit
We thugs
Make money, make money, money, money
Take money, take money, money, money
Every time I come around
Face down, on the ground

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