Freddie Gibbs

Freestyle #1

Freddie Gibbs


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You remember that, motherfucker
Cause I'm the one y'all need to be worried about, partner

Yeah, aight
Let's do some old school shit right quick man
Yeah, aight, yeah
Ugh, it's Freddie Gibbs
Yeah, I get on these-
I do my job on these tracks man
Yo, okay, yo, aight

Now every beat I ever got on I helped that bitch
And every rhyme that I spit, niggas felt that shit
I ain't ever came wack, I don't spit lame raps
The mic, I blazed that
Nothing gon' change that
From this rhymes that I dictate, niggas know I spit great
Since the release date, of my first mixtape
I been full metal jackin' these muthafuckas
Spittin' flows and outrappin' these muthafuckas
Freddie's a muthafucka, face it man
I'm the deal like that group Babyface was in
My style like a jagged edge penetratin' ya skin
So fuck walkin' outta heaven, you'll be walkin' in
Been the illest since my mama pushed me outta her womb
Now I'm 'bout to drop a album the game is doomed
I'mma sit back and watch the smoke fill the room
The clock just struck twelve and I'm higher than noon
Haha, yeah
Roc, pass the dro
Mane, I'm lookin' for some more grass to blow

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