Freddie Gibbs

Freestyle #4

Freddie Gibbs


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Ugh, yeah
Oh, it's time to set the record straight homie
Freddie Gibbs, best rapper from the G
Yeah, aight, matter fact best rapper in the state man
Get ya weight up
DJ Roc, time to show 'em where I'm from baby

Yo, I'm from the 219 where bitch ass niggas get faded fast
But I'm like a Ford truck, I'm built to last
Built to blast, leavin' ya block scared of me
I'm playin' doctor, givin' niggas Glock therapy
Head of the class, I'm educated to get dough
Niggas is slow like bruh man from the fifth floor
Guard ya grill, you don't really want the war for real
I make niggas break fast like a mornin' meal
What the deal? If you ready for Freddie let's get it crackalatin'
Shots to ya spine leave you dyin', now ya back is achin'
And now you paralyzed from the waist down
From the neck down, we got K's so put ya tech down
Hey, Freddie's the young black Caesar
If ya credit right then discover me, I'm like Jesus
Freestylin', you can't walk the way I talk
You can't talk the way I walk, niggas, ugh, get sparked

Ugh, Freddie Gibbs
Off the dome ladies and gentlemen
Nigga, my album this is my hustle comin' soon, yeah
DJ Roc, yes

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